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The Thaulow Family -06- detail Rest on the Flight into Egypt -10 The angel leaving Tobit and his family - window moulding Portrait of Francesco Maria della Rovere mirror sunday Peoples Republic Of China Lena Sewall'spoint Vulcan-s Forge The Garden Wall Dance Marsden Hartley The Boy in the Red Waistcoat Head of a Woman The Ford ar Christ appearing to Mary Magdalen -33- British Infantry Night Rounds Drummer Wi Mary Jane Smith The Gun Foundry Bacon, Henry The Death of Viriato Death of the Virgin. Reclining Nude Bartolomeo Vivarini art attack Interior with a Woman at the Virginals Still-Life dg Louis King of France Distributing Alms - The Luckless Hunter -43- Freud Museum London The Winter, The Cattleslauthing Caddovalley monet trumpet Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos. St.Michael 02 New hampshire Wald along the Banks of the Seine near A Madonna of the Harpies -detail- fgfg View of Pillnitz Castle from a Window -2