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Yatescity Robert Anning Bell is oil painting Oak Trees near Apremont Allegory of Vice A View of Park Place -25- Calumet abstract expressionism other politics Qays,the future Majnun,begins as a scrib Interior of San Marco -25- Logansport Joseph and Potiphar-s Wife Watseka Suprematism Portrati of konstantin artsybushev The Feast of the Gods -detail- ll Le mariage mystique de sainte Catherine The Slave Ship Winter Bacchanalian Scene The Master of the garden espies the maid Peacocks and Ducks sf Palmdesertcountry White Horse in Pasture Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden Nassau Harbor Fronarna Salomon-The misses Salomon- SIRANI, Elisabetta lewood The Annunciation-The Virgin Annunciate Oxen art fine supply An interior with a soldier makng advance River Landscape with Pellekussenpoort, U Deposition Shrimp fishers at Saint-Georges Arifi Weed Il Penseroso Carmel-by-the-sea