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Cortez Bestatigung der Ordensregel der Franzisk St.Bonaventure Receiving the Habit of St Branch Hill Pond,Hampstead Heath,with a Matteo Di Giovanni The Empress Josephine -05- Merry Company Danae Orsi, Lelio Albert Edward, Prince of Wales John sturgess Divina Tragedia Madonna of the Long Neck Branch Hill Pond King Zaw enthroned and holding the royal Cartagena Lorenzo Tiepolo Brawl agf The Duet -05- budweiser mirror The Sistine Chapel -04- Chaude Monet Reading Judith and holofernes Ecce Homo Pond The Sundance -43- Two Peasants Isabella Coymans sg Bihor Tuileries frame personalized picture wood bench mirror vanity The Lamentation -nn03- Deer in the Forest i -34- The Three Ages of Man and Death The Sacrifice of Isaac -detail- ff Mars Madonna and Child s art oil canvas The Lamentation over the Body of Christ