pintura al óleo, una gusto verdadero de los viejos maestros





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Jan Philip van Thielen

      (Mechelen, 1618 - Mechelin, 1667) was a Flemish Baroque painter who specialized in flowers. Van Thielen was the son of a minor nobleman and eventually assumed the title of Lord of Couwenberch. In 1631 or 1632 he began studying at the age of thirteen with his future brother-in-law, the history painter Theodoor Rombouts (1597-1637), and in 1641 he commenced his studies with the flower painter Daniel Seghers (1590-1661). According to Houbraken (who mistakenly wrote his birth year as 1681 instead of 1618), his reputation during his lifetime was such that he received patronage from the Spanish crown,

Jan Philip van Thielen Garland of flowers surrounding cherub in grisaille Spain oil painting artist

Garland of flowers surrounding cherub in grisaille
new25/Jan Philip van Thielen-574333.jpg
Pintura Identificación::  90724
  1661(1661) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 122 x 95 cm (48 x 37.4 in) cyf

Altura     Anchura