pintura al óleo, una gusto verdadero de los viejos maestros





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christian schubart

      German poet,writer on music and composer. A distinguished keyboard player, he served at the Werttemberg court, 1769-73, then worked in Augsburg and Ulm. After imprisonment, 1777-87 (for insulting a duke's mistress), he became court and theatre poet at Stuttgart. As a composer he was best known for his lieder. His writings, including an important work on musical aesthetics (1806) and essays in his own periodical, stress expression in music. His poetry was often set; Schubert's four settings include Die Forelle and An meine Klavier.

christian schubart Gentleman sitting clavichord Spain oil painting artist

Gentleman sitting clavichord
new21/christian schubart-778276.jpg
Pintura Identificación::  60170
  mk270 this finely detailed painting executed by the dutch master jan muyckens in 1648, shows a gentleman seated at a clavichord. the instrument is resting on table and the lid has been raised to show the action.

Altura     Anchura