pintura al óleo, una gusto verdadero de los viejos maestros





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wolfgang amadeus mozart

      Born: 27 January 1756 Birthplace: Salzburg, Austria Died: 5 December 1791 (fever) Best Known As: Composer of Eine kleine Nachtmusik

wolfgang amadeus mozart george frideric handel Spain oil painting artist

george frideric handel
new21/wolfgang amadeus mozart-222662.jpg
Pintura Identificación::  60232
  mk270 george frideric handel. he never appeared in public without his voluminous wig.

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unknow artist


unknow artist George Frideric Handel Spain oil painting artist

George Frideric Handel
new21/unknow artist-227734.jpg
Pintura Identificación::  62392
  height 136 cm Victoria and Albert Museum, London Roubilliac sculpted the portrait of Handel for the Vauxhall Gardens in London. The composer is fingeringthe strings of hi lyre like another Apollo while a putto transcribes the notes at his feet; yet Handel is dressed in ordinary clothes and has even neglected to remove what appears to be his nightcap. Listen to an example of Handel's music, the famous Largo from his opera Serse (Xerxes)

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