Las Reproducciones del Oleo de Europa España no Mínimo


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height 32 cm Mus?es de la Ville de Paris, Paris All the Romantic sculptors executed medallions, a form of portrait that was quicker, less burdensome and cheaper than the bust. Many of them embarked on the portrait statuette connected with the contemporary world of politics and the theatre, unless it concerned the intimate effigy of the artist's wife and children. With Dantan, the statuette shifts towards the burden, born of the excessive use of phrenology and physiognomy, of the accumulation of accessories. Forming the Mus?e Dantan, or Dantanorama, this collection of caricatures which includes literary, political, artistic and scientific figures constitutes the satirical counterparts to David's medallions. Paganini was one of the greatest violin virtusosos of all time, he wrote numerous difficult studies for the instrument, many of which including ground-breaking new techniques of playing. In addition, he composed many pieces for guitar. Listen to an example of Paganini's guitar music




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