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Iowa View Grevena Young Oarsman -42- The Painter's Father_l The Ghent Altarpiece- The Donor -detail- art can fine inspiration technique tin On the Brink comic creator William Penn s Treaty with the Indians Election Night -43- A short break from pasture work Melvin twin wood bed frame The Deliverance of Saint Peter from Pris The Working of Cupid Conyers Kurtalan Blonde Odalisque -08- Dutilleux Constant credit card antique reproduction furniture Shark Fishing animal track The Dairy Maid dfg Entombment of St.Fina Iron and Coal Globe Elizabeth at the Piano Portrait of Madeline Bernard Hieronymus Janssens van gogh calendar Landscape d drawing landscape Northwayvillage Marriage a la Mode-Shortly after the Mar The Virgin with the Rabit -05- Thisbe The Noise of the Street Enters the House Manuel GodoyDuke of AlcudiaPrince of Pea Telsiai